Can Never Be The End…

The title of this post is the closing line sung by the talented cast of an experiential theatre piece entitled Prurience, produced by the Guggenheim museum’s work in process series:

I had the beautiful challenge to cast this urgently relevant and timely work. Although I adore working within the independent film space, theatre is my first love and I had been missing casting for the stage.

Collaborating and connecting with two astounding British natives Christopher Green & Holly Race Roughan was incredibly satisfying .

In film project news, congratulations to the creative team and cast of Off Track Betty image winning the Best Work on Film prize at the 2018 Queens World International Film Festival.

Written and directed by Clayton Dean Smith, an amazing journey to cast and co-produce this evocative New York centric film.

AndScene_LogoOur feature length documentary And…Seen has completed post production and ready to hit the festival circuit.

Co-produced by Red Wall Productions,                        we seriously Ain’t  Playin’!

On the casting front we are currently reading scripts and knowing as always the next meaningful collaboration is around the corner.

Teaching and coaching keeps me grounded and is an amazing way to scout emerging actors for upcoming projects. I’m delighted to be one of the casting coaches for an upcoming Demo Develpoment  class at Actors Connection and in association with Reproductions.6BBE833F-FB8E-47A9-9FB1-98718EE47B4D

Check back for updates and enjoy the emergence of Spring. Hopefully it will arrive before Summer.