I Can See Clearly Now…

This image of a woman and her machete in a South American jungle sums up what the last several years have felt like personally and professionally.

Currently this season is a Long Days Journey into a Late Summer’s Night Dream as I fall into the Fall.  I am relieved to report I am doing better than ever, after navigating  years of personal and professional challenges.  Most significantly divorce, raising two teenage sons as a single mom while finishing a feature documentary.





Life is a constant hustle that I wouldn’t change for anything. I love the timeless spirit of disco. Hustle and salsa dance are my favorite.



I thank my children, family, friends and colleagues for their support, love and most importantly laughter.

OK on to some updates:

Our feature documentary And..Seen  http://iaintplayin.wix.com/AndSeen


is making an impact on audiences and shifting their thinking when it comes to inclusion. Film Festivals and Industry Professionals are beginning to take notice:






Our world premier screening takes place October 12th at the 2018 Louisville International Film Festival  http://louisvillefilmfestival.org

These quotes speak for themselves and confirms tenacity and fearless spirit are what makes dreams come true:

“And… Seen beautifully uplifts and educates us to the employment challenges faced by a performer who is a woman with a disability in the entertainment industry. This is a story that needs to be told.” —Patricia Clarkson, Oscar-nominated actress

“Chills…tears….fantastic, quite brilliant film!! You are doing a great thing with this film to help those who are overlooked and tossed aside due to plain ole bad luck to their bodies that could happen to any of us.
You remind us that our spirits are all that truly matters. Jamie is an angel… She reminds me of this quote: ‘Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.’—Mark Twain. BRAVA!!!!!!!” —Patty Casby, documentary producer, Casting By, Thank You for Your Service, This Changes Everything

“And… Seen is an extraordinary film. It is such an honest, heartfelt and positive message. Kudos to you and your brilliant story telling.” —Vicki Cherkas, former VP GreeneStreet Films

“Jamie Petrone, the actress in the documentary And… Seen, will touch the lives of every viewer that will watch the film just like it did to me. This is a good example that being disabled is not a hindrance in pursuing our dreams. It inspires me in so many ways and it tells us that hope is always in us if we really want to reach for our stars.
I would like also to commend Liz Ortiz, the director for making an inspiring film and for giving all our disabled brothers and sisters the confidence to believe in their selves.”—Workman Productions

“Captivating and essential. It does what all powerful documentaries do, allowing you to see life from a different perspective. Must viewing.” —Tom Donahue, award-winning documentary director:  Casting By, Thank You for Your Service, This Changes Everything

In Casting and Producing news:

Several  very exciting projects are in development and I look forward to announcing soon. Until then clear your path as the other side is amazing.

Happy Fall-