2024 Update – The Year in Review

Happy New Year!

As we collectively sigh the relief of getting through another year, it is with profound gratitude when reflecting upon 2023.  My intention is to approach 2024 with hopefulness and the practice  of mindful alignment. Here’s to the projects, collaborations, relationships, adventures and lessons learned waiting for us in the wings of 2024.

Love- Liz

I Ain’t Playin’ Films, 2023 Highlights                 Year in Review

JANUARY  Teaching spring semester at Stonestreet Studios, 6 Sections, 90 students! and casting micro-movies.

FEBRUARY Getting Barrio Boy ready for the market place. Development and research  for the short film Stateside and the feature Boys in Summer which is on going through out the year. Seeing students in productions all over Tisch and being amazed at the talent. Casting special project for NYFA’s Department of Cinematography with Screenwriting Chair Randall Dottin. Moderated Industry Insight panel for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

MARCH  Continuously going to the theatre and screenings to support students and the community. Casting more micro movies for Stonestreet.

APRIL Collaborated with Director and Princeton University Professor Moon Molson on the casting of short film Key Lime Pie. Stonestreeter Kayley Pollard was cast in a featured role! Had the honor to present 2 workshops for Princeton UniversityCasting workshop for Rusell Studios.

MAY  Cast filmed reading of scene extracted from feature screenplay Hyper/Space by Moon Molson for Tribeca presentation and for the Harlem International Film FestivalSpring semester comes to an end, we’re all exhausted but fulfilled. Completed 90 individual student evaluations.

JUNE Pre-production for Stateside begins and continues until we go into production. Celebrated my son Jeremiah’s birthday in San Juan!!

JULY Summer Session at Stonestreet begins. Casting micro movies and special projects. Finalizing  color correction and sound mix for Barrio Boy and strategizing for Stateside. Participated as a juror for the Bridgeport Film Festival. Participated with doc subject Jamie Petrone in the Listening Tour for Queens World International Film Festival.IMG_0664

AUGUST Barrio Boy gets accepted into the NY Latino Film Festival sponsored by Warner Brothers/Discovery!!! We get a prime screening slot at the Regal Union Square. We also begin to receive festival acceptances all over the country. Summer Session at Stonestreet ends.

SEPTEMBER Barrio Boy kills it at the NY Latino Film Festival! Indie queen Cathy Curtain and phenomenal producer/filmmaker Harris Doran endorse the film. We go to Atlanta the following week to attend the Out on Film Festival playing to an amazing, enthusiastic audience. Fall Semester begins at Stonestreet, 2 sections, 1 day a week which allows me as a producer to dive right in to  pre-production for Stateside with location scouting, permits, crewing up and production mayhem. 2 short films I cast for Stonestreet; Crowbar and Compulsion are official selections at the Soho Film Festival.

OCTOBER We decide to shoot Stateside in 2 phases. I’m thrilled to have hired 7 past and present students to be part of the production!!! Phase 1 shoot goes beautifully and we go right into pre-production for Phase 2.

NOVEMBER We shoot Phase 2 and it was beyond fulfilling and beautiful. The production team, cast and crew executed and delivered magnificently. I will always treasure this experience. Barrio Boy is picked up for distribution!!! Pedacito de Carne, short film out of Netflix incubator has its NYC premier at the FAMfest Film Festival.

DECEMBER Barrio Boy launched for DVD sale on Amazon and landed the #1 spot for New Releases in LGBTQ+. Apple Tv and Amazon have it available for streaming. Semester ends at Stonestreet and prepping for Stateside post production!!! Brilliant, iconic director Sean IMG_1099Baker endorses Barrio Boy on Instagram!



















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