A New Year, a New Direction

The wave of satisfied relief entering 2023 has finally arrived. We have all had to find our way navigating the chaos of life and the industry. I am beyond impressed and have tremendous respect for my colleagues, collaborators, students, fellow artists etc. who have pressed on and gotten to the other side post(ish) of COVID. We are back better than ever and we need to celebrate that in ourselves and each other.

I am delighted to share this casting and production update. One of the most profound insights from the last 3 years is the value of partnership.

Partnership ensures mutual success, everyone wins.
Communication, accessibility, flexibility, and having fun provide measurable results.

I am grateful for the amazing collaborations and connections forged and look forward to embracing what’s to come.


Barrio Boy – feature film – World Premiere IRIS Prize, UK – NY Premiere TBA – in partnership with Cautious Films and The Lavender Tangent.

Boys in Summer – feature film – In development/pre-prod in partnership with Cautious Films


Feature – TBA Spring 2023
Compulsion – short – in partnership with Stonestreet Studios

Canary – short – in partnership with Chuck Vuolo

Pedacito de Carne – short – Netflix/NALIP incubator- in partnership with Good Mother Films