Summertime and the Breathing is Easy…(I hope)

That was the view on June 16th from my bedroom window in Chelsea. As resilient beings we dust our scrappy selves off, learn from the madness and press on. When coping with the unimaginable, our connections and creativity is what keeps us going. As we support the valiant members of the Writers Guild, hope for a fair outcome with the pending SAG-AFTRA negotiations, all we can do is again press on. If we can ascend consciously into observing the bigger picture, compassion for the world’s suffering, trusting the industry will recalibrate as it always has, then grace can emerge. I find my self in a state of humble gratitude for a life of  evolving understanding, meaningful connection and the love of collaborative storytelling.

Project Updates-Summer 2023: IMG_0549

After years of preparation and overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles I am relieved and excited to announce that pre-production has officially begun for Boys In Summer, part one.  The  feature is written and directed by my producing partner  Dennis Shinners. This project will take years to complete but I know in my core the journey will be indeed worth it. Filming  begins Fall 2023.






I had the pleasure to work once again with dear friend and brilliant writer/Director Moon Molson to cast a stylized reading of an excerpt from his feature film screenplay    Hyper/Space.  The screenplay was a top 3 finalist for the 2023 Harlem International Film Festival. Special thanks to our fabulously talented actors: Al-Akhir Fletcher, Alana Barrett Adkins, Michael Borrelli, Corwin Tuggles, Roetta-Lee Smith and Christian Alexander Corpening.

You can check out the scene here:  Hyper/Space by Moon Molson – Harlem International Film Festival Screenplay Showdown 2023

IMG_0548I’m delighted that the beautiful short film which I had the honor to cast Pedacito de Carne made its world premiere at the 2023 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. Written, produced and starring Diana L. Gonzalez-Morett and directed by Akilah AK Walker is a beautiful examination   of connection, unconditional love and the care we all need to give ourselves and each other.




The accolades continue for the animated pilot Mine which I loved casting and collaborating with writer/director Randall Dottin. It is an official selection at the 2023 Essence Film Festival in New Orleans. The messages and voices portrayed about the value of protecting precious resources for the good of all has never been more relevant. This project, amazing cast and crew deserves to be made into a full series. Here’s to hoping that it does.



Our feature film Barrio Boy  is represented by the Open Reel and deals are being made for screenings in the U.S. and abroad. I’m looking forward to announcing our U.S. premier as that information becomes available. In the meantime Barrio Boy is being embraced internationally with screenings in Wales, Amsterdam, and most recently the upcoming GAZE LGBTQ+ Film Festival in Dublin, presented by the Irish Film Institute.



Wishing everyone a summer of clear vision, deep breaths, and calm to create and heal.

Until the Fall update –