Gracias Michael Moore, Hola Fall- Adios to Fear and Racism, Enough Already…

Hi I
04AAE5B7-CDF6-4878-A225-F3B4EE29EE54This is what’s on my mind these days:

The grace of the tears of forgiveness cleansing ignorance and forging tenacity’s strength. Admittedly I’m highly sensitive these days but that’s what makes me who I am and good at my job.

Now for a quick update:


Early this summer we were proud for our feature documentary And…Seen to be an official selection at the New Haven Documentary Film Festival. A special thanks to everyone who showed up at our screening held at Yale’s beautiful Whitney Humanities Center.  An absolutely heartfelt thanks to Michael Moore who graciously took the time to speak with us.


Here I am with our subject Jamie Petrone and brilliant  editor/co-producer Craig Williams of Red Wall Productions  www.RedWallProductions.com



BBpicThe summer continued with the completion of principal photography for  our narrative feature Barrio Boy now in post production. 4C1A2DA7-8F7A-4872-9F1F-AA33855F5EBD



On location in front of Fade 2 Famous barbershop in Greenpoint Brooklyn. www.Fade2Famous.com

Writer/Director and best pal Dennis Shinners, lead actor Dennis Garcia, my son Jeremiah who was featured background and amazing AD Rox David. Oh yeah and that’s my hand.

The summer continued to be filled with rewarding teaching and coaching experiences. In addition to coaching actors in groups and privately I’ve expanded into teaching an introduction to independent production. Thanks to the Chinese American Film Alliance for organizing a great group of young filmmakers from China to participate in my workshop.

In Casting News…

1255488D-7F5B-4564-9EC7-F99AAE1DFE21  I’m enjoying the creative challenge (in a         good way of casting a music video for brilliant Sony Music artist Marlon Craft. I appreciate is intelligent, raw and provocative genius. I am convinced he is an artist who will go very far.



More ex]citing news is in the works but  too soon to report.

Enjoy the welcome change the season brings and check back for updates.

Laugh a lot cause we have to remember life is to be lived.

All the best-  Liz