Welcome To Fall or… WTF???????

WTF moments are all too common place and woven into the thread of day to day life.

The great stabilizer are my kids and work. I can only take on projects with a larger purpose. Laughter, a lot of, it helps immensely.File Oct 03, 2 31 03 PM

I had the pleasure to cast a short called Swisher written and directed by Tiye’ Pulley who in my opinion is a prodigy filmmaker. It deals with the themes of how young people of color cope with the routine reality of staying safe in a racist and trigger happy society.

File Oct 03, 2 44 13 PM

The narrative feature Barrio Boy completed it’s second phase of shooting. Collaborating with writer/director/producer Dennis Shinners of Cautious films and Crystal McIntosh of Lavender Tangent has been an unforgettable journey to co-produce and cast. Pre-production for Phase Three is underway before we dive into post production.

THIS2The feature length documentary And…Seen  http://iaintplayin.wixsite.com/andseen is nearing completion of principal photography. Post production is around the corner which is a ray of light after 4 years of diligent collaboration. I am indebted to our subject Jamie Petrone, the participants who shared their stories and my brilliant crew. The goal is to (fingers crossed) premier at the 2018 Reelabilities film festival.


Teaching, coaching and consulting continue to be incredibly gratifying. Whether I’m working with students of all ages at The Performing Option www.theperformingoption.com or consulting a new filmmaker on how to produce and cast on a micro budget, there’s satisfaction in knowing that you’ve made a difference.

Until the next post, stay safe, do meaningful work and laugh as much as you can.

Hasta pronto- Liz