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Reflective Casting and I Still Ain’t Playin’

You’ve heard it here first,  I’m claiming  credit for coining the phrase “Reflective Casting”. Per usual after 20 years in the game, I side step trends, political chic closeted guilt, and privileged rhetoric. In my opinion it is no longer sufficient to claim inclusion and diversity while casting. It could very well imply a kick back, such as a tax incentive or leniency with union regulations. I am insisting on a call to action, that content creators, decision makers and creatives must reflect on their stories and  casts to ensure the actors are reflective of audiences. We need to reclaim our intelligence as artists, business people and viewers.

43D4B1D3-E59B-4C04-812A-3DF2CCFD6374OK I’m off my soap box, and now for some news: I am thrilled to announce our feature documentary “And …Seen” will be making its New York premier at the 10th Annual Queens World Film Festival. We are grateful to be part of such a respected, highly rated festival. Screening details and more information will be posted as it becomes available  The celebratory nature of festivals is a wonderful thing to experience. It is an acknowledgment of the journey of taking an idea and being bold enough to put it on the screen. A heartfelt thanks to the entire team and those who supported us along the way.


I am loving coaching and teaching more than ever. I am extremely proud of the call backs and the bookings.  I’m looking forward to teaching a 6 week scene study class for Actors Connection,

2B0630F6-1605-42F5-BAE5-FC29D31F29D0In casting/producing news I’m thrilled to be reunited with one of my favorite directors and 4 time Sundance alum Moon Molson we are collaborating on an indie pilot in development.

The casting will be absolutely reflective and I look forward to sharing updates as they evolve. Until then continue to reflect on what is your truth.

All the best- Liz